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3 Proven Ways to Stop Your Neighbor's Dog from Barking

How often have any of us heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it? That being said, many are completely unaware that most counties across the U.S. have anti barking laws, which can be a valuable piece of knowledge if all other attempts to resolve the issue have failed. We will save that option for last, as the preceding alternatives to it can work equally as well, with half the stress, if given the chance.

  • The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If points are people, and distance is convenience, then your first option is talking to your neighbor in person. This first choice can be obviously fraught with concerns of a not so good confrontation  , however it is surprising how positive such meetings can be. Many find that the neighbor is either completely unaware their dog was even barking, or they are aware but had no idea it was such a bother to others.

  • If approaching your neighbor, for these reasons, is not on your bucket list this year, fear not as other options are available. Do it yourself. Dog Silencer® designed specifically to stop neighbor's dogs from barking are available for purchase online and in stores and can be placed in very strategic ways without the neighbor ever even knowing. Dog whistles or blocking the dog's view can also provide relief and possibly remedy the situation as well.

  • If all else has failed, and you have tried your best, contact your local law enforcement. Learn about your counties anti barking municipal codes and come prepared. Many of the fines, although quite minimal relatively speaking, are enough, given the nature of the complaint, and are usually sufficient to make the dog owner   think twice before allowing the same thing to occur again. Having more than one neighbor on the complaint can only benefit the situation, putting the odds more in your favor for the resolution you are seeking.

No matter which way finally ends up working out for you, always remember, “Peace begins with a smile.”

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