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Before You Touch That Dial…

One of the most common statements we get from Dog Silencer® customers is “I've turned the volume full blast and they continue to bark through it!” This is an understandable mistake, as that dial does look like a volume dial. However, the dial is actually a sensitivity dial.

Our Dog Silencer has a set volume level for sound output. For the safety of the animals, you cannot change the decibel level of the ultrasonic or audio noise. So, what does the dial do then?

The Sensitivity Dial changes the level of noise the microphone picks up to activate the unit. Since the Dog Silencer is used in a variety of situations, it needs to be adjusted to pick up the correct amount of noise. It's going to need to be turned up to pick up the dog further away, and down for closer range.

If you turn on your audio switch and turn the sensitivity all the way down, you will have a good base to find the correct configuration. Use the audio to know when it's activating, and if it's not picking up the dog bark turn it up. If it's picking up a lot of other noises, turn it down. By turning the sensitivity all the way up, without testing it, you could have the unit going off all the time, confusing the dog and creating an even worse bark situation.

So remember to check that dial!

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